Ethnic (Этнические) — в порядке популярности:

Who invented sex

Application to Live in Kentucky

...And I will do anything for love.

Sex on Sabbath

Two men and one woman

Out All Night Drinking

A jazz chord

Did you hear about the Polish Navy tragic accident?

An older Jewish gentleman marries a younger lady...

Do you know why the baby Jesus was not born in Iowa?

What do you call a villager with 500 girlfriends?

The daughter of an Indian chief visits his doctor...

Why did Santa Anna bring only 4000 troops to the Alamo?

Elephants IX

State of Arkansas Residency Application

The headmistress at a girls prep school...

How do we know the Indians were the first people in North America?

An unfortunate situation

I got a great Polish joke

Language Trends of the Future

Three Chinese daughters

What is the title of the new Vietnamamese cookbook?

It was obvious

How can you tell if a blonde is a redneck?

Why do Southern guys go to family reunions?

How do you know Monica Lewinsky is Jewish?

What do you call a Japanese drummer boy whose father has diarrhea?

A journalist assigned to the Jerusalem bureau...

A man walks into a Chinese restaurant but is told...

Why does the University of Tennesse football...

Useful Phrases to Know When Travelling in the Middle East

Two Irishmen are sitting in a bar...

Armando asks...

Rabbi's anniversary present

One night, at the lodge of a hunting club...

Arkansas Governor Application

No pressure

A Jewish boy was walking with his girlfriend...

What do you call a gay Indian?

A young lady asked the Scotsman what he wore under his kilt...

How come nobody from Mexico is ever in the olympics?

Holiday accomodations

How come Mexico never has a good Olympic team?

Who are Sven War, Ollie Famine, Piter Pestilence, and Jergi Death?

This guy is walking through Chinatown and sees a building...

How do you circumcise a redneck?

Christmas and Hanukkah Merger

The Italian colonel had his brigade arrayed in full parade...

State of Kentucky 12th Grade Reading Test

The Irish Virus

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