Gays and Lesbians (Геи и лесбиянки) — в порядке популярности:

A popular whore house was visited by a lesbian....

What did one gay sperm say to the other?

A woman orders a chicken sandwhich...

What do you call a gay bar that has no chairs?

What's a famous saying at a gay bar?

What is the most popular pick up line in a gay bar?

How do you know if a lesbian is butch?

Two gays swimming on the pool.

What do you call an open can of tuna fish in a lesbian apartment?


There is 2 fags walking down the beach...

What is the first symptom of AIDS?

What is the difference between a ritz cracker and a lesbian?

Two British faggots were standing on Circular Quay...

What do you call two lesbians in a canoe?

How many gay men does it take to put in a light bulb?

What do you call two guys in a sleepping bag?

A big 300 pound, seven foot brute of a man walked into a bar...

Sword playing

Why should we feel bad for the gay homeless population?

Two fags were walking down the street and...

What does it mean when two lesbians make love?

Two gay male lovers were talking and Bob says to Jon...

What's a transvestite's idea of a good time?

What do you call a gay man scrotum?

What does a lesbian think the string on the end of a tampoon is for?

Two lesbians were standing at a bar drinking...

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