Miscellaneous (Разное) — в порядке популярности:

Politically correct seasons greetings

Names to Use in Prank Calls

Poor batman!

A disabled sea captain

How to Hunt Elephants -- Comp Sci Style

What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

Dumb intercourse

Temperatures and What They Mean

Language Trends of the Future

Did you hear about the guy born with two left feet?

How to Hunt Elephants -- Sales Style

The little sexy housewife was built so well...

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody

The Diet

The Latest Breaking News on the GoodTimes Virus

What were Michael Jacksons baby first words?

A young peasant girl of fourteen...

Why did the one-handed man cross the road?

What is the difference between Madonna and the Panama Canal?

If Timex made toasters...

I wrote it!

Bloke is drinking at a pub...

What would you do if you had a condum with a hole...


Why do farts smell?

Where is an elephants sex organ?

What did the impatient helicopter say to its clumsy mechanic?

A man moves into a nudist colony...

Did you hear that in New York State, the Stop And Shop grocery...

A bar name

A few words of wisdom

There was a farmer, sitting on the front porch of his house...

What is the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?


Interesting facts

Chaim escapes from a mental hospital...

Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood

Tombstone epitaph II

A pedophile dies in a car crash and goes to heaven...

Why does Helen Keller wear tight pants?

One year at halloween the governor was giving a costume party...

Changing of the English Language

What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?

A partially deaf gentleman was extolling the virtues...

A dilemma

Why did the skeleton burp?

If Sony made toasters...

La Machine

What is the difference between a brown-noser and a shit-head?

Eye sex

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